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VMWare network performance bug - Getting a repro

If you’ve read my previous post about an issue with VMware ESX 6 and connecting to SQL and 500ms latency , you might be interested in the process we went through to get to the repro. Getting a repro (being able to reproduce a bug/feature) is often a complex and time consuming task. The challenge is like being Sherlock Holmes and using your experience to focus on the aspects of the situation that is important. The challenge is that without a repro, You can’t give anything to a supplier to enable them to triage and find a fix for it

Are you running VMware ESX 6 Update 1 and connecting to SQL - be warned

If you are running any of your application on windows 2012 and up and on VMware ESX 6 with Update 1 connecting to SQL you must read on. We’ve been working at a client recently on an issue where requests to SQL have a 500ms latency between requests. What’s really odd is that the time seems to be lost between the client code making a request and the request coming to SQL. Profiler shows a gap of 500ms between the end time of one request and the start time of another request. The issue would only affect some applications and