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Richie Lee

SQL Supper Scripts


Thanks to everyone who turned up yesterday at SQL Supper: there was a good turnout of both new and familiar faces. The Demo Gods were with me and I was able to log on to both my Azure VM and able to deploy to SQL Azure. I’ve uploaded the scripts to gist and shared below.

I also spoke about raising a Connect Issue so that Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Core NuGet package will work with Microsoft.Data.Tools.Msbuild. I’d like to see this so that we do not have to install the Microsoft Build Tools 2015 MSI on the box. And this is important because then we can have a PowerShell script that downloads both the NuGet packages and allows us to spin up a VM and, providing the minimal version of .NET is supported, no other software needs to be installed and managed/upgraded etc etc. This is the link to that Issue.


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