Data DevOps Consultancy

We help clients implement DevOps into their business. We understand that databases are not just code, they are complex, with relationships and constraints that must be manged carefully to remain integral to successfully operate.

At we are all first and foremost SQL Server experts, so we understand the problems you will encounter. Our experience means that we can help you to confidently make continuous and automated changes to your databases so that your application remains online and functional 24/7. 

The partial implementation

Many application and dev teams understand the concept of DevOps and do successfully implement it. However, many often look at the data layer as hard or abstract the problem away using an ORM. Since the data layer is considered hard or not understood, database deployment complexity increases or worse is simply ignored and made a DBA problem. This gives partial implementations where the database becomes the "problem". helps clients utilise the many tools available that make DevOps for data possible. We work with our clients to understand their existing development and delivery strategy and help to automate the process end to end, and make change a seamless experience with reliability in the code.

Why DevOps?

  • Deliver software faster and better than ever before
  • Continuous process
  • Repeatable & Reliable experience

Why call us?

Most of our clients fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Large database releases that are unsuccessful, or worst still cause outages leading to lost revenue
  • Have to release changes at 2am
  • Taking the website or application offline for releases simply isn't viable
  • Failed to implement good database unit testing
  • Database release take a long time


Database Health Check offers an in-depth health check, that focuses on a number of areas such as best practices, performance optimisations, team capabilities, training opportunities, consolidation and licensing savings. This health check will assess the performance and stability of the SQL Server.

If you are suffering from performance problems then we can help.