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Richie Lee

VSTS Hosted Build Specs: The Script

Some months back, I published a post about the VSTS Hosted Build Agent’s specs. One thing I didn’t add was the PowerShell script that I used to get these details. Mainly because I couldn’t find the script anymore… So by popular demand here is the script I used to get the build specs. I ran it as an in-line PowerShell script as part of a build that was being run on the Hosted Build Agent.



Here is the output from the script:




The CPU has changed since I last gathered the data about this: previously it was an E5- 2673 v3 and now it’s been downgraded to a E5-2660 v2. The side by side stats for these CPU’s are here. Also, where the previous CPU corresponded with a D2_V2, there is no VM in Azure that uses the same CPU.

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